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January 4, 2024
What are some common sources of microplastics in daily life? Microplastics are pervasive in daily life, and they come from a variety of sources. Here are some of the most common ones: Personal Care Products Microbeads: These small plastic particles were commonly found in exfoliating body washes, facial scrubs, and toothpaste until many countries banned […]
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December 19, 2023
Can I Sue for Asbestos Exposure? Asbestos was widely used in various industries for its heat-resistant properties before its dangers were fully understood. Unfortunately, many workers and their families were unknowingly exposed to this toxic substance. As a result, numerous lawsuits have been filed against companies responsible for the asbestos exposure. If you have been […]
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December 5, 2023
New Study Linking Testicular Cancer to PFAS Exposure During Military Service Testicular cancer is a serious health concern that affects many men around the world. But what if there was a link between this disease and a group of chemicals that are found everywhere in our environment? A recent study has shed light on the […]
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November 29, 2023
How Long Does a Class Action Lawsuit Take? Class action lawsuits are a powerful tool for individuals and groups of people to seek justice. A class action lawsuit allows a group of individuals who have suffered the same harm, usually caused by the same defendant, to join together as a single unit in civil court. […]
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November 20, 2023
Camp Lejeune's Crucial Study Withheld Amid Legal Battles In a significant development impacting thousands, the much-awaited study on cancer incidences related to Camp Lejeune's contaminated water remains unpublished. This withholding of information is a critical juncture for over 1,100 pending lawsuits seeking justice for the harm caused by decades of exposure to toxic substances at […]
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November 9, 2023
In a world where corporate wrongdoings and mass consumer grievances are unfortunately all too common, class action lawsuits stand as a beacon of hope for individuals seeking justice. Whether it's a faulty product, deceptive marketing, or unfair employment practices, these collective legal actions enable individuals to join forces and hold large entities accountable. But how, […]
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